BurnItGreen is a clean and efficient solution for thermal energy needs and waste utilization.

BurnItGreen will replace most of the conventional heating appliances providing an easy incorporation with existing heating systems. It uses variety of fuel sources, so the households can burn the fuel they are used to, but safe for the environment and in the same time to reduce their fuel costs. BurnItGreen is smokeless and is suitable even for waste utilization.

It’s more efficient than other stoves, has advanced computerized control system, compact size and could be easy incorporated with existing heating systems.

It works with variety of solid and liquid fuel sources and can be used for waste utilization allowing automatic feeding.

The temperature inside the firebox is kept around 1000 C, but the burn process could be temporally suppressed allowing efficient burn in wide ranges of power consumption.

The innovative combination of heat exchanger and advanced water filter absorbs the thermal energy from firebox, plus all particles and acidic gases.

BurnItGreen has been designed for single households, but could be scaled for communities and small towns.

It has lower CO2 footprint and significantly reduces PM10 emissions and acid gases.

The chimney emits just steam, but not a smoke.